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Kombat Bloody Kombat:


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Seen KBK through a good few times now. Its got massive rewatchability. Such a treat this. I rate it +10 BLOODS!! I'd love to be able to comment on the tracklist but I've got a sieve brain when it comes to song titles. Its all on point and nostalgic. I find myself with only one suggestion for the visuals and that is with regard to the Grindhouse effects. Gieferg clearly puts alot of effort into these. It strikes me that the Buddhist temple scenes have alot of washed out sky that could be made interesting with a black blob like a dark sun appearing ominously. The film degradings then playing a role! It did occur to me too that with the excellent Stallone AI voice cloning in RTFB we might get something for Lambert (Raiden, aka The Highlander). Gieferg says this will be a good idea for a prologue with footage from 'The Quest' and the modern rehashes. Maybe one of his off-the-wall trailers. If anyone can do AI voice cloning WE NEED U!!! I love the subversive affections of the soundbites. And really, really love the adroight picture adjustment used to blend everything together so nothing feels out of place. Abstraction is the undercurrent. Just sit back a enjoy the ride. If this doesn't hit top spot in FEOTM there is something wrong here. Beautifully measured. Professionally executed. Opitomy of a fan's labour of love. Fan mixes, fixes, and preservational upgrades are all well and good. Here we go beyond all that. The perpetuational retrogrades arena is where this stands. Films that begin to look naff getting a future proofing with a supercharger dose of the good oldyness. Looking forward to the next episode in the 'Grindhoused' series!!!

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