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Knight Rider 2000: One Cut Can Make A Difference


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It's been six years since I did a rather sloppy version of this, but I got back into the fanediting jig again after my Power Rangers redediting project was cut short by a computer crash and a sour case of depression, I'm in a much better state of mind and I've got more dependable programmes this time for my projects, so I went back and gave this another go.


ABOUT: While the original Knight Rider television series is fondly remembered by it's fans and 80s tv junkies alike, it's spin-offs have been generally met with apathy. Despite it's flaws, The first of the sequel projects,  Knight Rider 2000, remains the best out of a pretty checkered bunch...but it lacks one thing as Devon would say, "humanity". The movie was controversial in that it killed off Devon Miles, Michael Knight's mentor played by the endearing Edward Mulhare. 

This edit seeks to right the biggest wrong of the flick by restoring Devon to the land of the living for the entirety of the film, and try to ground an underrated story in a healthy mix of seriousness and general fun.
Full edit

password: fanedit​
Sorry to hear about your computer crash. This edit sounds like it'll be good. Hope it goes well for you!
TomH1138 said:
Sorry to hear about your computer crash. This edit sounds like it'll be good. Hope it goes well for you!

Thanks for the good wishes mate, it was a trying few years to be sure, but everything's fine

I'm putting up samples of the edit to tie people over 'till I find a way to upload this. Mega gave out about three times.

Nice one Zarius. I'll be looking forward to this. Big Knight Rider fan, and if you can fix this so that Devon does not die that would be a major plus point. It's a shame that it had such poor "titles"...it just looks very cheap. Wonder if there's a way you could use the old title sequence somehow? Just a thought.
Yeah, it's true the titles are pretty naff, I suppose the Knight 4000 promo at the begining would be a good way of giving the film back that feel of the original titles with a little effort.
Did you include any the original music from the television? My biggest beef with so many reunion shows is they often overlook this simple element, as the original music is as much a character of a show as the actors.
...Dude. All the music for this film was by Jan Hammer. You don't get more 80s than that. I'm keeping it.:-D
Zarius said:
...Dude. All the music for this film was by Jan Hammer. You don't get more 80s than that. I'm keeping it.:-D

It may be Jan Hammer but it still does not sound or feel like the classic Knight Rider to me... just personal taste...;-)
You're right, it would be a better idea..I'm just nowhere near experianced enough to pull it off.

If I knew how, I'd even give the thing the old commercial bumpers in between acts.
Are you planning on submitting this to the site? If so, I'll move the thread to in-the-works.
Last time I submitted it, it didnt get approved for not being a DVD quality vid, I'm not sure about this one, I got the copy from a torrent so I can't check. I mainly used this as a step back into fanediting rather than seek to have it hosted here.

New sample

I might upload this edit to Mega in segments rather than as one file.
I own a DVD version of the film, at the time, I just didn't have a DVD ripper that worked on it. Sorry for the problems raised. This workprint is from a couple of months ago.

As I said though, I wasnt looking to have it added to the database anyway, I just wanted an easy transistion back into fanediting and play about with my programmes. I didn't know how serious this stuff was. I'll try and rip the source for this edit (only got the ripper to work on something yesterday) and attempt to submit it later.
Again, very sorry for this. I can't even say it's a rookie mistake because I've been on here for years, I should know better.:oops:. The positive I can take from this is when I get around to the DVD version I can use this one as a blueprint.
Right, found my DVD copy, I'll work on it tomorrow. Again, apologies folks.
Hmm, I'll also see if I can do anything about the music as suggested by Bob, maybe I could play "White Bird" from the TV series over the credits.
New workprint completed and burned to DVD. The HD version is proving difficult with Mega.
Are you using Chrome? Mega doesn't play as nice with other browsers.
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