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Justice League: The Spence Edit:


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My only complaint is that you didn't cut out Amber Heard......just kidding.....mostly. In all seriousness, great work here Spence. I saw Justice League in theaters, and watched the Snyder Cut the day it came out, I have not watched this film any more than those 2 times until now. The only difference I noticed between your version and the other two is that I actually enjoyed this one. There were a few lines of awful dialogue that remain (The amazons yelling WE HAVE NO FEAR in response to King Leonidas saying SPARTANS, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?....no wait) but that's not a HUGE deal for me. I enjoyed watching the film this time around, and after some reflecting and reading your cutlist, I remember the terrible bits that you removed or modified, and I say again that you did a great job. The crowning achievement of an editor is to fool the audience into believing it was original, and for me, you did that. Well done, sir. (I gave a 9 for enjoyment because of those lines that made me roll my eyes, I'm sorry!)

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