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On the other hand.... while it's probably fairly normal for shows to lose some of their spark and gradually decline over time, a real sudden shark-jumper was the Battlestar Galactica reboot. A fantastic first season and mostly excellent second season built up a huge, loyal fanbase. Part of the fun was the way the producers stimulated on online community with webisodes and constant speculation about who could turn out to be a secret Cylon.

The Season 3 episode "Crossroads Pt. 2", infamous as the "All Along the Watchtower" episode, was the shark jumper. S3 was where I was starting to suspect that the writers had no grand plan for what the show meant or who all was a Cylon, and this episode confirmed it. In a moment thirstier for viewer shock than a Walking Dead killoff, they revealed all the remaining Cylons at once, including some that made absolutely no sense. They spent most of the remaining episodes of the series trying to justify some of these choices and explain how they were possible, while moving away from the Cylon cast that was already revealed and apparently had better shows to go act on. The series never recovered, and ended with a finale that even George R.R. Martin complained about.
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