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Jnisch Wins July 2022 FEOTM


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This month Jnisch won with nearly 40% of the votes with their edit Halloween: The Doctor's Cut. This is also their first fanedit!

It is Halloween 1, Halloween 1 Extended Edition & Halloween 2 mixed into one movie, the entire night he came home. The twist is that it focuses more on the relationship between Dr. Loomis and Michael rather than Laurie and Michael.
Congratulations, Jnisch!

Halloween on IMDB
Halloween: The Doctor's Cut on IFDB

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Congratulations, my friend! After almost a year of nitpicking your edit, asking you to change this and change that (a couple of your ideas were genius, by the way) you went on to win FEOTM! Very very cool @Jnisch !
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Thank you guys! The Doctor’s Cut was an idea I had over a decade ago and very old drafts have been lost from that time. The idea behind it was extremely important to me and I believe this story deserved to be told. It was so important that I finally made a real effort to get it where it is now. I have ArtIsDead to thank for having discovered my thread and giving me the push to make it happen. Getting such positive feedback, winning this award and putting me in the realm to continue down the path of editing has been insanely rewarding. I think what makes this edit work so well is what made the original Halloween work: it’s simple. There were no over-the-top editing techniques or ideas to reinvent the wheel. This does not negate the amount of work and changes made, the story is simply retold with a fresh sense of creativity and strong atmosphere. Thanks again to ArtIsDead for constantly watching and giving me criticism/advice to make it as great as it turned out. INIGHTMARES also deserves a shout for watching multiple times and helping me in similar ways. Lastly to Ryantology for helping me with a video quality issue and to all of you who watched before and after the approval process. This is such a wonderful community.
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