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JHC019 - Muppet Babies - Raiders Of The Lost Muppet & From A Galaxy Far Far Away


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Raiders Of The Lost Muppet
While playing hide and seek, the Muppet Babies realize that Baby Animal is missing, and they split up to find him before Nanny discovers that he's missing. In order to search for Animal, the Babies must confront their fears of going into the basement, as they think it is the Temple of Doom.

From A Galaxy Far Far Away
The Muppet Babies are playing outer space explorers when a strange creature enters the nursery. The creature, cloaked in a sweatshirt, bucket and belt from the Babies' closet, was assumed to be a alien named Irma. The Babies think she is from the planet Neptune and was left behind on Earth by her family. The Babies try calling Irma's family and building a huge slingshot to shoot her home. After many failed attempts, the Babies, using their imagination, set off into outer space to take Irma back home.

Release Information:

Author: AvP
Video Format: MPEG2/720x576/4x3/PAL/Av.Bitrate 9300kbps
Audio Format: Dolby 2.0 Stereo 256kbps
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Source: VHS Tape PAL
Duration: 49 minutes
Size: 3.43 GB (3,690,905,600 bytes)


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