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JHC017 - Muppet Babies - Close Encounters Of The Frog Kind & Dental Hyjinks


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Close Encounters Of The Frog Kind
Baby Kermit meets his tadpole nephew, Robin. Robin escapes from his fishbowl, and the Babies have to find him.

Dental Hyjinks
Baby Fozzie gets a loose tooth, but he's afraid to go to the dentist. The other Babies try to find ways to help Fozzie avoid going to the dentist, but after he goes and decides that it's not scary, the other Babies want to go.

Release Information:

Author: AvP
Video Format: MPEG2/720x576/4x3/PAL/Av.Bitrate 9300kbps
Audio Format: Dolby 2.0 Stereo 256kbps
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Source: VHS Tape PAL
Duration: 48 minutes
Size: 3.41 GB (3,666,665,472 bytes)
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