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Jaws 2: Extended Integral Edition:


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How many times have I viewed Jaws 2? Five? A dozen? I live with two shark obsessed females, which means I get to see good shark flicks and a school of bad ones. And to me, Jaws 2 is a bad one. Filesize = 13.4 GB. Video = 1920 X 1080 HEVC. Audio = kbps AAC 2-Channel stereo. Subs, well sorta. This is too much of a good thing. Every single lost or cut scene is reinserted. For finatics, bigger and more happy meals. Some bits are 4 X 3, and I wished the editor had mildly cropped top and bottom, as well as increased contrast and sharpness. The contrast and sharpness for other lost bits, too. Such might defeat the editor’s vision. This remains and unsatisfying film for me (mind you, the two I watched this edit with were ecstatic). Regular film, extended edition, the kids ought to have died. All of ’em. Finally, 13 GB struck me as big for h265.

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