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(I'm Han) Solo


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Here's another edit I completed a while back and am finally sharing. Not too many edits on this one but I removed significant portions of the film. I think Alden is fine as Han but they tried too hard to explain or reference every little detail of Han's character from the original trilogy. And like many origin stories, I feel the film takes too long to really get going. My edit opens with an intro to Han in the spaceport at the recruitment counter, and then jumps right into the train heist. The time jump is pretty sudden and unexplained which I did intentionally at least in part as a reaction to all the over-explaining the film does, but I think it works. What I did with the credits certainly won't appeal to everyone though šŸ˜…

-everything between "a long time ago..." and recruitment scene
-insert unused planet shot with Solo title
-everything between recruitment and train heist
-trim Maul cameo
-improve credits by 3720%

fanedit runtime: 105 minutes
time cut: 30 minutes

Fortunately someone's already made an almost-perfect trailer for my edit (it does include some footage I cut).

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You should consider moving your very nice poster to the top so that it's the first thing that we see.
I've seen a few "crazy" editing choices which paid off big time. I'm really curious what this edit brings. And you've got me supercurious as to what you did with those credits! :ROFLMAO:
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