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IFDB Review: W.M.D. William Must Die:


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A/V Quality: 1080 MP4 file. Good quality, not the greatest. There is artifacting and pixilation but I’ve seen worse. 8/10 Editing: There were two minor errors in the version I approved. The editor told me he fixed them but I haven't double checked. Visual: 9/10, Audio: 9/10 Narrative: I dug the way this was structured. Even though about 40% of the running time was cut, this doesn’t feel too condensed. The characters still have room to breathe and develop without it feeling too action heavy. The sequencing of chapters was well done, but the placement of Chapter 1 felt odd. (The editor told me he changed the placement of Chapter 1 and on paper it sounds good, haven't rewatched edit to check how it flows.) My favorite parts were the placement of the pregnancy flashback and Chapter 6. 8/10 There were no subtitles for the foreign dialogue. This felt unnatural for me, if it was a creative decision then fine it’ll just get a lower Enjoyment rating. But I would encourage you to include subtitles for the foreign dialogue as an option. It was especially annoying during the Pai Mei segment. Enjoyment: This was awesome. Major props for using the Japanese version of Crazy 88 fight. (1 point deducted for no subtitles on foreign dialogue.) 9/10

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