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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Ridiculousness:


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It's difficult for me to review this one. Not just because it is tricky to give a technical rating to such an edit but I really loved the first one and I should have loved this one the same but I think the fact that I am french prevented me to understand a lot of the jokes from the dialogue this time. My english is okay, but not that good! In the first edit there were also a lot of talkings but maybe less taken from other movies, or more understandable to me anyway. That's not to say I did not like this second part: lots of visual ideas and inventivity and a lot of good laughs. As others comments said the "no" gag was an instant lol and I wish there were more of this type of joke instead of constantly playing with the dialogue. random thoughts: - The Dexter's scene was perfectly done. Bravo. - Loved the whole Conruscant's chase segment and the dialogue between Obi and Anakin worked very well for me (just before they enter the bar for example) - Fighting Yoda: hoohhooohoo! - Jar jar's walk. - "I want to ride my bicycle... And I don't like Star Wars" perfect. - You found a way to have Ric Olié somehow still with us all along the edit and thank you for that. So, for most of those who liked the first one I'm sure this edit is also for you. But if english is not your first language then maybe it will be more difficult to follow.

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