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IFDB Review: Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Ridiculousness:


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Title: More of the same.Review: But that's good in this case. ;) As ziester mentioned, the "no" gag is quite good. There are several others. I have to honestly say I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as TRM, partly because...well, it just didn't feel as fresh as the first one did. Had this been the first ridiculousticated prequel rather than the second, I'd probably rate it as highly as TRM, or close to it. The other thing is, TRM made me like The Phantom Menace more, which is a nice accomplishment, whereas AotR didn't make me like Attack of the Clones more. Had more audio work been implemented (especially in the arena and chase scenes), I would have rated it higher in that regard as well. Conclusion (which is also part of the review, I suppose): Overall, a worthy sequel with plenty of laffs. Check it out!

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