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IFDB Review: Star Wars 30's Silent Edition Part 1 - Dusty Version:


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I have never enjoyed the Star Wars Pre-Quals in any form they have been released in, and believe i've tried very hard to enjoy them. There is just so much horribleness in them that finding the fun in them is dam near impossible. However, thanks to some INCREDIBLE editing and a simply inspired concept I can now enjoy the entire saga by watching the Pre-Quals in this brilliant fan edit. So much care has gone into making this a wonderful experience and it's the small touches that really set it off. I fell in love instantly when you start to notice the Film Tinting used to give a characteristic color scheme to each scene. Making Tatooine in Sepia while putting Naboo into a pale green just really sold the whole idea. I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, this edit is just amazing and it has now become tradition for me to watch it every year on May the 4th.

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