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IFDB Review: Spider-Man: Hero Within:


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I definitely saw the overall narrative and enjoyed the way parallel moments from Spider-man 1 and 2 (like Peter's wall crawl) being in one film brought a certain fusion to the series. A keen sense of storyline was apparent while I was watching. I clearly saw focus on a few key storylines.As others have said, certain fades were weird. I felt some scenes were cut short for sake of excising so-called "goofy moments" that I rather missed.Though the intention of the edit is known to the viewer going in, I still feel a shortened version of Peter's other nemesis' could've served as "warm up" villains before focusing on Ock and could've beefed things up a bit.In all, this feels like Spider-man 2 with one scene from 3 and 15 minutes from 1, and doesn't feel as daring as a 3-in-1 edit sounds. But for intentions sake, I enjoyed it.

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