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IFDB Review: Spider-Man: Hero Within:


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STUFF I LIKED: - The way the first two movies were spliced together was quite extraordinary; very seamless indeed. - The romance between Peter and MJ had a lot of focus and it was done very well. - Pacing was very good; you definitely succeeded with the goal to make a properly structured movie with a normal runtime out of the trilogy. - I loved that cliffhanger ending with the venom substance! - Crystal clear video quality. STUFF I DISLIKED: - This is just a personal thing, but I do miss the goofiness of the trilogy. The jokey light-hearted tone was, for me, just part of why I like the series so much. Still, I understand removing the jokes for pacing reasons. - I didn't like the Spider-Man 3 scene with Gwen that was added in. It felt like a weird way to introduce the properly-suited Spider-Man. The edit would have been fine without that scene. - (Nitpick) Some of the cross-dissolve transitions were a bit distracting and didn't look very cinematic. OVERALL: This was a very ambitious edit; despite the fact that I like the series for its goofiness I could at least see what you were trying to do with it, and so for the most part Spider-Man: Hero Within was a very enjoyable watch.

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