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IFDB Review: Saga Of The Apes:


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A bold, bold fanediting idea pulled off with tremendous skill - both narratively and technically.I thought the multi-screen idea was going to be a bit of a headache to be honest, but once I started watching I understood it almost straight away. And the technique, while used often, wasn't overused.I've seen 3 of 4 original films - many, many years ago - but I'm no Apes purist. This was very entertaining a very different fanedit experience.Technically, the editing is clean, the video/audio quality good considering the sources, and the audio is generally well mixed. I did notice interlacing in some footage but it wasn't too distracting.I watched the DVD version. One suggestion: the editor might offer viewers an MP4/MKV option - a slow 2-pass x264 encode at around 2000kbps to give his fanedit the best possible video quality. Work like this deserves it.Congrats Bob.

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