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IFDB Review: Rambo - A Warrior's Journey:


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Mission accomplished: the fourth Rambo movies are now a cool TV series.Maybe this could even be seen as the "season zero" of the possible future true Rambo TV series that could maybe see the light of your TV screen in the upcoming years.Anyway back to the review.(side note: I did not watch it with the commentary on. But will sure do this one day)Everything that makes a TV series fun to watch is there.Interesting pre credits scenes that get you hooked, very nicely done opening credits, cliffhangers and pauses used when they needs to be. Nice to see all the little teasers for other fan edits at each pauses. I watched those edits two by two and by the end of the fourth evening evening I wanted more! It was a very intresting and cool way to revisit those movies.Few remarks:- The first movie flows very well separated in two episodes. Good work even if the opening confrontation with the sheriff is missing. To me it's a crucial part of the whole tension that makes the original movie works. But as a TV series I understand that opening "in media res" and explaining later what happened is the way to go. So no problem.- The second movie felt somehow maybe a bit less engaging than the original as I remembered it. Maybe in part because of a scene that I felt was missing (but that was masterfully used in the episode 7 in a flashback. So everything is forgiven!)- Rambo 3 is, to me, MUCH better in this TV series version than the original. Thank you for that (still not the best of those movies...) I only missed THE quote of the movie: "Well, surrounding them's out..." ;) Also the stupid lines about the blue light are gone and I understand that, but they always makes me laugh in the original, lol.- The fourth movie is VERY violent and it felt that it was too much for a TV series. But well: out of the four it is the movie that is the more ABOUT violence, so it would have been difficult to cut most of the blood without removing what it's all about. The directing also felt more actual but it was not that jarring. In fact those two episodes felt the most engaging of them all. Maybe because the source is in fact a better movie than one could think when he's gonna see the third sequel of an old franchise. Some Cliffhangers and pauses where maybe just a bit less good than in the other episodes but just my feeling.Technicaly I have nothing much to say, very good job on recropping the picture (tedious work!) and I the audio always felt well in place.Another work from LastSurvivor to keep because of its rewatchable quality.

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