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IFDB Review: Pulp Empire:


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That was just super damn impressive. Initially, I thought we were gonna get Empire Strikes Back with some Tarantino soundtracks instead of Star Wars soundtracks, but this was sooo much more. The soundtrack was indeed great and well thought out. All of the sound editing seemed right on to me and I didn't pick up any mistakes or problems. In certain scenes, some of the voices sounded echoey, but I think that was a deliberate choice by the editor and I liked it. The editing was first rate and not only seamless but the addition of fades between scenes was very effective. Everything just seemed to fit together so well. The use of slo-mo was effective, although possibly a little overdone in some parts. When the Falcon was flying over Bespin, the slo-mo combined with the special effects didn't look too good at some points. Everywhere else in the edit, the slo-mo looked great. I only watched this on a computer in DVD format, so the picture wasn't as crisp as possible. (Definitely not the fault of the editor) I just say that because it makes me want to upgrade to Blu-Ray and watch it on the big screen. The story really flowed well and most of the unnecessary plot points and scenes were removed, such as Chewie's recovery of C3PO from the pig-men (I don't know what they're called) Couple of nitpicks: - I thought the pacing kind of got unnecessarily slow when the falcon was in the cave/space slug and found myself wondering if some or all of that could have been effectively cut. - I found the return to Dagobah a little confusing and wasn't sure whether Chapter 1 was intentionally placed out of chronological order or whether Luke went to Dagobah twice. (Still not sure.) - I would have liked to see a lot of Ben's appearances minimized for some reason. I just thought it might have helped the story flow better. I really appreciate editors that don't just try to add or subtract the parts of the story they do or don't like, but instead take a movie and make it their own creation. This editor definitely took ownership of the material. My new OT: War of the Stars, Pulp Empire, and Ep VI Spence Final Edit. Do they match up? Do they tell a cohesive story? No & no, but damn they're fun. Great job and thank you.

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