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IFDB Review: Mars Attacks! From Space!:


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It's been a while since I have seen the original Mars Attacks! and Reave's edit was a welcome excuse to revisit Burton's crazy movie. This edit is extremely well edited. The pacing is much better than the original which got dragged down by a huge ensemble of characters. This edit was a joy - while watching i tried remembering all the scenes I found funny or scenes that stuck with me. And every time I thought Reave would cut this he found a way to incorporate it. For example the death of Jack Black's character with the american flag. Even though he has a much bigger backstory he more or less is a one-note character and works fine as he is now - an incompetent fool who has joined the army. Many characters who get introduced earlier in the original are still there but get introduced much quicker via throwaway lines and because almost every character is a caricature it is not important to spend too much time with them as they are mostly there to deliver punchlines I found almost no flaws in the editing other than I expected the Byron Williams character and the DeVito character to reappear because they were introduced when the martians arrived. other than that I loved this edit a lot and will probably rewatch it the next time i am in the mood for "ack ack ack ack ack ack"

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