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I finally got around to watching these edits. I will confess upfront that I am a casual horror fan at best. My parents successfully kept the slasher flicks away from me. As an adult, I tend to be able to only watch movies (such as the Saw series) once or twice. I'm squeamish only if I know what's coming. I only acquired both the Nightmare series and the Friday13 series in the last few months and have been slowing working my way through them. I really enjoyed the Horror Cut. The goal of removing the over the top comedy from Freddy was really well-done. I just watched the theatrical yesterday, so it was easy for me to see what went missing. We didn't get any of Spence's dream, which felt odd, but the cheesiness of it isn't missed at all. Freddy wasn't "scary" so much as he was "evil", and I think that's all this movie could hope for. I chalk this one up as a success, and I'm sure it'll be used in marathon sessions. The Long Night At Camp Blood is an interesting one. I watched the theatrical of Final Chapter a couple of weeks ago, so the differences aren't as sharp for me. I did like the different opening and pre-credits scene taken from Jason Goes To Hell. I don't really feel it's fair to call this edit a mashup. The bulk of the movie is a very well-trimmed version of Final Chapter. The characterization of Jimbo works a lot better without the "dead fuck" angle, and he comes across as a horny, nervous virgin who couldn't even get laid by "BJ Betty". The only confusing part from the perspective of the narrative is that there's no explanation of how or why Jason started wearing the hockey mask. I enjoyed the ending. Freddy vs Jason isn't a great movie, but it's pretty good. I just watched the theatrical for the first time. There wasn't enough of Jason doing Jason things. I did think it was odd that he made the one kill in the house and then left. Doesn't seem his style. I don't think there was enough of Jason building fear in the community between Freddy's first, failed attempt to kill and the second. Jason has never moved quicker than he does during his fight with Freddy. I was glad to see moar Jason in the edit. I appreciated the improved pacing. I would have liked to have seen him kill more before Freddy made his move at the rave. I liked the tightened up, less silly fight at the construction yard. I thought the ending was a bit... well, I don't know quite what to think of the ending. I assume it makes sense to a more serious horror fan. Is that Robert Picardo? He's the bomb. I liked the flashes of all the other franchises during the credits. I liked this one as well, and it will probably be my go-to version, simply for taking out the dumb stuff.

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