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IFDB Review: FvJ:


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Freddy's Dead: Man the original movie is just hilarious and I love to watch it drunk with friends. Still when I first watched the entire series in one run I liked some ideas of Nightmare 6 - the strange village, the madness in springwood, freddy bending reality. it was not nearly as scary as the original Nightmare but better than freddy just returning and killing. So i really liked some aspects especially if you watch it as part of a franchise - because for some reason when watching a franchise in one sitting you are more inclined to look at the things you like than look at the terrible things With that I must say that Juice has pretty much distilled those ideas from the overall idiocy. No gaming, no chalkboard and so on. The acting unfortunately can not be edited to oscar-level so a few idiotic moments have to be here because otherwise the plot won't work. With the over the top nature gone a few creepy things remain that are originally buried beneath the powerglove. Such as the creepy earpiece or the very disturbing rapist father. Because 1.5 major dream sequences have been removed there is a bit where the plot has a notable jump because we don't see the overly elaborate kill. Still it kinda works and what i like is that the dreams are played more like a mystery. in the original the kids fall asleep, are chased through an overlong dream and then killed only to be found by the others. Here the kids vanish into the dream world and we like the suriving protagonists have no idea where the others are until something strange is happening. So it feels much more like a suspenseful movie than the over the top mess that was freddy's dead. My only real criticism would be the ending. Because the Freddy vision is restored there is the moment when Kathryn gets the 3D glasses. The ending is done via seamless branching so that one can choose at the beginning of the movie between freddy vision or no freddy vision. I would have liked that the 3D glasses would have been removed from the ending not featuring the freddy vision as it really takes on out of the movie. The glasses were originally just there to tell the audience when it was time to put on their 3D glasses and this effect gets lost if one is just watching it in 2D. The movie is still no movie on par with nightmare 1,3 and 7 imo but it is a much more streamlined product for a marathon franchise viewing. Still for a fun-drunk night nothing beats the original The Long Night at Camp Blood: I kinda feel bad that I can't say that much about this edit than I could about Freddy's Dead but the Friday series never engaged me that much as the Nightmare series as I found them a bit boring. But this time i just watched it as harmless fluff and had great fun with all the naughty teenagers getting killed for drinking and having sex in the woods. There was one edit where the focus shifted towards the boy where there is a reaction shot following by a change of place and therefore I did not know in which house i was. Other than that I really enjoyed the film and while it is dealt with in FvJ I kinda hoped that the sending Jason to hell would happen in this movie because this edit felt more like another jason movie than a tie into freddy vs jason whereas freddy's dead pretty much set up the stakes for fvj but then again we get the moneyshot of freddy's hand in the opening of fvj so if you watch the 3 movies together it is just a matter of personal preference where you set the "end" for one movie FvJ Now this was fun! I loved the original Freddy vs. Jason and i liked how they combined the two characters. sure the actors were terrible but this movie is not about the story but about this childish fantasy of "rooting" for your favorite killer - now that sounded weird. Personally as a Freddy fan I absolutely enjoy Nightmare on Elm Stree: Dream Nemesis by Uncanny Antman so I never looked for an edit to smoothen out my troubles. So i fully embraced the new footage. Sure the style is quite different when jason is slashing in other friday movies than the blue-ish freddy vs jason look but i just went along and had fun with it. The removal of the killer of the mother and why the boyfriend was locked up was handled nicely and while i like this storyline I had no problems with this version. And without spoiling but I absolutely enjoyed the fresh ending Overall the bonus materials on this edit as the edit itself are enormous, funny and sometimes pretty crazy but that is to expected with anything that neglify touches. Cudos to both editors for such a fantastic treat!

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