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IFDB Review: Fall of the Jedi: Episode II – Attack of the Clones:


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Like Fall of the Jedi I, this is much better than the original.I liked the intro with ship landing and just blowing up. However the problem it causes is that, as we don't know who is on it, we are uninvested in the craft exploding. A (dialogue-less?) shot of Amidala on the ship before this would have helped.Great to continue the reduced JarJar and 3PO. Much improved (i.e. removed) dialogue. And liked the addition of the short dart-testing scene. Good work removing the droid factory fight scene.The love story reduced to a single look/kiss as the couple are about to die, is excellent.So all good, great to watch... I guess the issue is the Yoda/Dooku fight. This scene cut does give you something wonderful, which is Dooku suddenly gets character complexity (in a prequel trilogy movie!!). He has the option to kill his defeated enemies, but instead is conflicted, and shows mercy. It's an excellent contrast to Anakin in the next movie, when in the reverse situation he executes Dooku. Brilliant.But the price we have to pay for that upside is the loss of a really wonderful moment for fans who have at this point watched 4.9 movies (given the order we all saw them in) of Yoda being wise and peaceful, and telling other people what to do. And then he walks into a situation where two Jedi have been defeated and violence is required, and he delivers.I get that people see it as ridiculous that Yoda is "flying around" in this scene. But, well... he's short! That's how a skilled fighter that small would have to fight a large opponent!But hey. Overall another great piece of work by Q2. Watch it!

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