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IFDB Review: Beerfest – Get Hammered Edition:


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Beerfest, like a good imported German brau, is an acquired taste. At no point does it ever take itself seriously, and it makes no apologies for that. A lot of the actors are in Super Troopers just to let you know what you're in for: A silly comedy that suspends all belief and comes full force with tasteless jokes, copious amounts of beer, and the occasional set of full frontal perfection. I watched the DVD version, so that's what Ill be reviewing. AV Quality - Its DVD quality, matted with black bars. The only time I could tell a cut had been made was during the scene where our drinking buddies were sharing beer stories on the roof. There was a slight drop in quality which was the deleted scenes fault, not the editors. I sat through the entire 2 hours and was never bothered by poor audio or shoddy video--mainly because it wasn't there. Narrative - The commentary track was hilarious. I'm not going to spoil anything about it, but if you have the time, give it a listen. Spicoli will definitely call you a certain part of the male anatomy if you don't. Enjoyment - Loved it. The deleted scenes give the movie a sense of fullness and body that it wasn't really lacking, but gave it a hint of something that made the film go down with a more refreshing taste.

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