• Most new users don't bother reading our rules. Here's the one that is ignored almost immediately upon signup: DO NOT ASK FOR FANEDIT LINKS PUBLICLY. First, read the FAQ. Seriously. What you want is there. You can also send a message to the editor. If that doesn't work THEN post in the Trade & Request forum. Anywhere else and it will be deleted and an infraction will be issued.
  • If this is your first time here please read our FAQ and Rules pages. They have some useful information that will get us all off on the right foot. More details on our policies, especially our Own the Source rule are available here. If you do not understand any of these rules send a private message to one of our staff for further details.
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How to mention availability? A must read!


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1. Be nice. We do support the freedom to be to be nice (not to be mistaken for the freedom of speech). Trolling and bad behavior will get you warned or banned.
2. Don't ask for links on the forum. Check the posts for traces of availability, send private messages to the creators. We will delete link request without warning.
3. Don't ask for trades in the fanedits threads. Use the trade requests section for that.

Links and Availability:
1. No direct links to complete fanedits. We will delete all direct links we find. Please also report via pm, if we missed some. This is for the safety of this place.
2. You are allowed to mention the website, where something can be found, but only the name, not the address.
download this from http://www.BT.com --> not okay
download this from BT.com ---> not okay
download this from BT --> okay
3. You are allowed to mention the names for various websites, Torrent sites, Rapidshare sites, Mediafire Sites. This way people should be able to find what they are looking for without endangering this place.
4. You are allowed to share links via email and private messages through this forum. But keep it strictly private.
5. You are allowed to post links to previews and trailers for your fanedits
6. Violating these rules will get you warned and if repeated banned.

since we are not allowed to host any links, we use website names to tell you where to find them. You need to put the name in a search engine and will for sure easily find them. Enter those places at your own risk.
linktalk: a Rapidshare forum, where fanedits have their own section
tehparadox: a filehost forum for multiple filehosting services
piratebay: an open torrent website
demonoid: a closed torrent website (you need an invitation)
mininova: an open torrent website

none of these places are in direct connection with fanedit.org or supported by us.
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