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Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Edits, The:


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So I have a unique perspective when it comes to watching this edit. My grandpa gave me his extended copies of LOTR and The Hobbit to watch for the first time. I spent 11 hours watching LOTR for the first time and they were very long but enjoyable. However, I was told by others after I had finished it, The Hobbit was a bit of a mess and someone suggested looking up a fan edit of it to save time. I then come across this cut and after considering the two that are here on IFDB, I decided to watch this version and I have to say, it felt very seamless and not bloated at all. The episodic format especially helped give me a bit of breathing room as the LOTR extended versions I couldn't find a good place to stop. I would even say it is pretty close to the quality of the LOTR trilogy as best as it could and I highly recommend this edit to anyone interested. I will be saving this copy and even share it with my grandpa when we I get the chance.

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