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Help with choppy video output from Vdub


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I'm trying to save a Lagarith AVI of a .M2TS video file. I made the AVS script using the MeGui file indexer, like I usually do. Everything going into virtualdub is at 23.976 fps and everything going out says it's at 23.976 fps, but when I view back the AVI file everything feels sort of jerky and choppy, like it's freezing up every few seconds. I've watched the file in multiple media players and also played it back in Vegas and it's the same result everywhere. The issue is not present in the original .m2ts file.

I've yet to be able to resolve it, and I'm not doing anything differently than I normally do. Anybody have any ideas?

Captain Khajiit

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Which decoder is called in the AviSynth script?  Is VirtualDub2 set to fast recompress?  Please state the codec settings.

In addition to double-checking the above, I'd investigate by:
  1. writing an AviSynth script that loads the rendered AVI and then stepping through it frame by frame (in VirtualDub2) to look for dropped/duplicated frames;
  2. encoding the rendered AVI back to h.264 to see if the problem disappears (if it does, then you have a playback issue related to the codec).
The script for option (1) should look like this:

Examine the printed information to see if the render has any unexpected properties.
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