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Help with a Birthday / Wedding Gift: Adult Wednesday Addams

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My significant other and I are getting married on Halloween this year, her Birthday is also November 3rd. Not too long ago, I introduced her to Melissa Hunter's "Adult Wednesday Addams." She adored it, and mentioned to me that she'd love to have it in a physical form alongside the rest of our physical Addams Family movies and the TV series. I told her I'd look into it.
Months later, I'm finally sitting down to do it and I'm realizing I'm ill-prepared. I have every episode (Six from S1 and seven from S2) saved onto my computer's hard drive in 1080p, but I don't know anything about making a Blu-Ray menu for them, nor do I have any kind of case / disc art.

All that being said, would anyone be willing to help a man out!? Hahaha

If this is the wrong subforum, feel free to move me around or direct me to the right place.
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