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HELP--Audio capture from external source!

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Hi, all!

I need some technical advice, if possible.

I’m planning on doing a fan edit, and the original movie is only available physically on DVD in stereo sound (which I will be owning), which inhibits any audio editing, as I’m not able to isolate the vocal channel (well, it was released a long time ago on LaserDisc with surround, but I don’t own that…or a player…or a way to rip the audio).  It is not on Blu-ray or any other physical media in surround.  HOWEVER, it is available on a streaming service (to which I am subscribed) in 5.1.  But, understandably, this service does not allow PC downloading of content (you are able to do so on mobile, but I am unable to locate the file download location), therefore any hopes of me ripping the audio—which would be slim to none anyway, as it would be protected—are shot.

I tried streaming capture programs, most with no luck, and any success I did find would only produce stereo recordings (that probably has to do with the PC hardware).

Me not being a technical wizard, I foolishly tried hooking the speaker wire for my center channel to RCA to USB to import to my computer.  Alas, I heard a pop and saw and smelled smoke.  I was scared for a minute that I blew up my Blu-ray surround system; surprisingly it seems to be working fine, but I’m fairly certain that I have expedited its demise :D

Short of placing my computer near that center speaker and just recording the audio (which will undoubtedly end up with questionable results, are there any other easy, safe (!), and relatively inexpensive options to capture not only surround audio in general, but also this one channel specifically?  I am planning on getting a new computer sometime soon (one more capable of video editing); should I look at getting a special sound card or something?

Keep in mind that I am not exactly a tech expert, so please take it easy on me :D  :p :rolleyes:

Thanks, everyone!



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The only way this would be possible is if the streaming service is iTunes and you are able to download your owned copy and extract the surround sound audio. As noted by our rules, capturing of streamed content would violate the OTS rule. We also don't discuss this rule in the forum. If you have any questions about the OTS rule please PM staff and we can help you directly. Thanks!

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