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Heavy Star Wars IX!!!!!


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Finally, Heavy Star Wars is coming to an end, and Episode IX is the biggest, most Metalist Heaviest Star Wars yet!

In these movies, I replace the original John Williams' score with Rock N roll and edit it in the style of the animated cult hit HEAVY METAL the movie.

If you haven't checked out the other 8, see them first!!!!!

I also reduce some excessive and unnecessary plot lines or characters to keep a more energetic and frantic pace!

Here is the soundtrack list:

Music in order of Appearance

Heavy Metal
Sammy Hagar


Veteran of the Psychic Wars
Blue Öyster Cult

You Could Be Mine
Guns N’ Roses

Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)
Don Felder

True Companion
Donald Fagen


Radar Rider

Queen Bee
Grand Funk Railroad

I Must Be Dreamin’
Cheap Trick

Battle of the Planets
Tatsunoko Production Company

The Mob Rules
Black Sabbath

All of You
Don Felder

Trust Prefabricated
Tommy Frankfort

Blue Lamp
Stevie Nicks

Magic Man

Robotron 2000

Peace Frog
The Doors

War Machine

Love is a Battlefield
Pat Benatar

Fire your Guns

Die Young
Black Sabbath

Kill the King

Wish you Were Here
Pink Floyd

So here is my fan edits post so I can submit it to archives....
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