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Hasbro announces Bumblebee will be the start of a new Transformers movie continuity


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Why is the thread title longer than the OP? And I should get around to watching "Bumblebee". Reave says it's good, and he's never wrong.





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When I first heard the announcement yesterday, I thought it was clickbait. No direct quotes from Hasbro were included in the article I read, and both they and the filmmakers had repeatedly said around the time of the movie's release that it was just a prequel, and noted its multiple ties to the Michael Bay movies (known in the TF community as "Bayformers").

Now, TFW2005 (a Transformers fan site) has an official quote, with Hasbro saying that Bumblebee is the start of "a new storytelling universe." 


It's not a very long quote, and I don't know how reliable TFW2005 is. But the quote is out there everywhere now, and everyone is talking about it. If Hasbro wants to refute it, they'll have to do so quickly. But it does sound to me like they finally accepted it. 

I haven't seen Bumblebee yet, but it sounds great. It's the first TF movie to get a good rating at all on Rotten Tomatoes, and the ratings are off-the-charts good besides (93%. The next highest is only 57%!). So it sounds like a fresh start is for the best.
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