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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Almighty Edit


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After getting feedback on my Game of Thrones edit I am coming back to my Harry Potter edits to fix them up before submitting. Onto HBP.
My goal is to create light edits that don't try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies.

This edit is a lot lighter than most of the other ones. Biggest changes are adding in a lot of the deleted scenes. There were several moments that had some bad acting and poor writing removed, and then most of the deleted scenes added in and color corrected.

Wondering if anyone disagreed with any of my cuts or had thoughts on further changes?

Here are a few scenes:
(New intro with Unbreakable Vow scene, Ron and Harry talking about Ginny, Harry and Ginny at the Burrow, Harry and Ginny kiss, Dumbledore cave deleted scene)

Change list:
  • Added all extended scenes in except the ending one with Harry asking Hermione and Ron to keep the snogging to a minimum
  • Right after Harry and Dumbledore are hit with all the camera flashes I added a new intro, bringing Snape's unbreakable vow here. I felt that this is a better intro to the movie
  • When Harry first shows up at the Weasley's house there is an awkward reflection on Harry's glasses and I can't ever look at anything but it when he walks up. I tried to tone it way down by darkening the shine. Not sure how much better it is
  • Adjusted when Harry hugs Ginny when he arrives at their house. Slight rotation to the frame so it appears that Ginny isn't towering over him. I know it's dumb but I always felt weird that she was so much taller than him
  • Cut Ron pointing out Hermione has toothpaste on her. It's so awkward
  • Heavily trimmed the trio overly laughing at Ron's joke about Dumbledore's age
  • Cut Ginny asking why Harry is always covered in blood. Her delivery is so stiff
  • Cut Dumbledore asking if Harry is into Hermione
  • Trimmed Dumbledore and Tom's first meeting for pacing
  • Cut Ron pointing out Hermione's butterbeer mustache. Again another really awkward scene. Didn't feel cute or funny, just really awkward
  • When McGonagall asks why whenever something bad happens why is it always you three, I cut Ron's response because the question really felt more rhetorical
  • Added a bit of playful music behind Ron and Harry talking about Ginny
  • After Hermione asks Harry how it feels to see Ginny with someone else they see Ron walk in. Way later Harry finally says "like this." I cut this line
  • When Ginny feeds Harry I adjusted it so you don't see Harry bite it out of her hand, and I also added some music this scene. I felt like this scene needed to stay, but I tried really hard to make it less cringey
  • Color corrected Harry talking to Mr Weasley in the garage
  • Cut the shoelaces scene. We already have Harry and Ginny's interaction just before this to show that they like each other. Now it goes straight to the attack without this awful scene. I know a lot of people don't like the burning of the burrow but I'm okay with keeping it in. I think it further bonds Harry with Ginny, and we definitely need more from them.
  • Added deleted scene of Harry talking to Hermione about Malfoy in the corridor. Had to color correct and blend with the previous scene as it cuts in during the middle of the original shot
  • Added deleted scene of Harry talking to Hermione in Gryffindor tower
  • Cut just a bit back on Lavender's "Won Wons". Only one spot
  • Did more rotations to the frame as Harry and Ginny hide the book in the Room of Requirement. Slight rotations to make Harry look taller.
  • Fade out on Ginny and Harry's kiss. Feels a lot less awkward now
  • Cut Slughorn taking the spider venom. It was an unnecessary break right here
  • Cut Harry saying "Poof"
  • Trimmed a bit of Harry convincing Slughorn to give him the memory. He ends with him saying that if Slughorn doesn't give him the memory then his mother died in vane, rather than continuing a bit more
  • Cut Dumbledore noticing Harry needs a shave when his face is as smooth as can be
  • Added deleted scene of Dumbledore at the cave entrance talking about the kids Tom damaged there. Added ominous music over it, and heavily color corrected to match the scene
  • Cut Harry using Sectum Sempra on the water zombies. He now only uses it on Malfoy and tries to on Snape. I think it gives just slight more impact to his final moment with Snape in this movie
  • Added deleted scene of them escaping the cave and Dumbledore saying he's not worried because he's with Harry
  • Blended into the alternate deleted scene of the sad music montage before the Death Eaters get let in
  • Added deleted scene of Harry alone in his bedroom mourning Dumbledore


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A couple more changes. I think I'm set on this one now.
  • Did some more work on the Ginny & Harry scene in the Room of Requirement. Removed their line "What was that" that they both say at the same time. The delivery is pretty bad. Biggest thing I did here was change the music from the really somber classical guitar song to the song in the Deathly Hallows when Ron returns. I think it fits better and elicits more romantic feelings. It's still bittersweet music because of the circumstances, but now it feels more connecting.
  • Did a minor trim at the end of the movie. The last line is now Hermione telling Harry that he needs them, rather than Harry looking out over the lake saying that he never realized how beautiful the place is. I feel like it's a better line to end on, and also Harry has always loved Hogwarts. I don't really like the line in general.
  • More color correcting on the deleted scenes. I think they're in a good spot now.
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