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Hanna comparison (sploilers)

wilhelm scream

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Since season 2 of the Amazon Prime show: Hanna, was just released (I have not watched it yet), I decided it would be fun to compare the show and movie (for those who don't know, Hanna was originally a 2011 movie before Amazon adapted it into a series).

Movie part 1: The movie starts off with Hanna hunting a deer. She shoots it with an arrow and it runs off before collapsing. Hannah says 'I just missed your heart' before shooting it dead. Erik then sneaks up on her and defeats her before walking off.

Episode 1, part 1: The series opens with a scene we only partially saw later on in the movie (which kind of ruins any mystery, and why is Joel Kinnaman playing himself in both present day and flashback, while Mireille Enos isn't!?) before we see the deer hunting scene. Here, it's much shorter as Hannah just shoots it dead with no dialogue. Erik sneaks up on her, but she beats him up.

Movie part 2: The fairy tale motif is established before Hannah tells Erik that she is "ready" to face their enemies. Erik digs up a radio beacon that will alert the CIA to their presence. Although he warns Hanna that a confrontation with Marissa will be fatal for either her or Marissa, he leaves the final decision to Hanna, who activates the beacon. Erik leaves, instructing her to meet him in Berlin.

Episode 1, part 2: Hanna and Erik argue, and so, in true teenage rebellion style, Hanna goes beyond the boundaries of the forest and meets a boy. They get caught on a CCTV camera, which leads to the Hanna and Erik being found. 

This makes Series Erik look like an idiot. Did he really think that Hanna would want to live in a forest for the rest of her life? He really should have anticipated the 'teenage rebel' phase. Movie Eric is smart because he realizes this and gives Hanna the option of choosing when she's ready to venture out into the world. It also explains why movie Hanna is more competent than series Hanna, because movie Hanna is ready, while series Hanna is not.

Movie part 3: We're introduced to Marissa Wiegler at this point, we see at home alone while get ready for work before we see her at work. Special forces move in and capture Hanna.

Episode 1, part 3: We see Marissa Wiegler with her boyfriend before being informed of Hanna. Armed forces move in and capture Hanna.

And I think that's enough for now, let me know what you think below!
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