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Good Guy & Infection - A Double Feature edit of Child's Play and Cabin Fever


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This third double feature was already done before i was starting with my Scarface edit.
The only thing i must do is the music overdub
Both movies are gonna be with music of John Carpenter from several movies

Good Guy aka Child's Play.

Chucky, my favorite doll.

I love the Child's Play series and this is a one hour cut of the first one.
In this cut it stays a mystery who is in the doll.
We know it but the Cop and the Mother of Andy has to deal with a possessed doll
and they don't know that the ghost of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is in the doll
In this cut the doll gives some instructions to the boy because Andy really believes that the doll can speak.
The cuts are as usual al lot of unnecessary scenes that hold op the story and i think it has a nice "move on" this edit.
The only thing that was bothering me is that the boy can't act, it was really terrible.

The second cut is Infection aka Eli Roth's Cabin Fever

Same thing here a lot of cuts in unnecessary scenes and what we got now is a more to the point cut.
There's gonna be a remake of this well, i am curious how this turns out because this was a pretty good horror movie
Releasing somewhere in january

Total running time approx. 120 minutes

The good news for me is that i ordered my blu-ray of The Green Inferno, release date is january 6 in United States and with a little luck i'v got this a week later.

The follow up of this one is The Hills have Eyes remake with The Green Inferno.
Two bloody masterpieces together in a horror rollercoaster ride.



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I finished this edit yesterday with the music overdub.
Music of Carpenter from Assault, Christine and Prince of Darkness

The most important cuts in this third Double Feature:

In Good Guy (Child's Play)

I cut all the credits and make new ones it was difficult to do that because they are coming up in the action scene between the cop and Lee Ray so the cuts are almost like a music videoclip, but it worked.
Like i said, Who is in the doll stay's a mystery, NOT for us of course but in this cut the boy the mother and the cop don't know that Charles lee Ray his ghost is in the doll
So all the conversation between the mother, the boy and the cop about Lee Ray is cut out
Some cutting in dialogue
The boy walks to the house of Eddy Caputo so not with the subway
In the house of Caputo some scenes are trimmed
also with aunt Maggie
In the car accident with the cop i cut some lines out.
The running time is around the 55 minutes

Infection (Cabin Fever)

In this cut there is a lot cut out of mumbo jumbo that i don't need for this cut
A raft scene is cut, some fucking and some trimmed scenes
I cut out that fake police officer that so called "party cop" that clown was totally unnecessary in that movie
So in this cut the infection begins pretty quickly
The complete running time is 1 hour and 53 minutes

I checked the video and sound on my receiver, there is nothing wrong with it (AC3 M2TS)
The sound by Infection is a little bit heavier because the original blu-ray has a stronger DTS sound as the Blu-ray of Child's Play
If there are technical problems send me a pm and i check it out, but don't put that in some review like with Rabid - Closing time i checked this cut there is nothing wrong with it so the audio problem is by the reviewer NOT by me but with that star rating it looks now like a piece of shit

Well, for the lovers i hope you injoy this and releasing is next week
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