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Godzilla: King of the Monsters - The Dramatic Cut:


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First, allow me to say that the original of this movie was one of the most disappointing watch experiences I’ve ever had. The dialogue was cheap, reductive, and followed the style of the worst action-comedy films have to offer. The dramatic cut skillfully does away with all of this disappointment and leaves a refreshingly strong entry into the Godzilla franchise that I cannot recommend highly enough. The only issue I found was a brief, almost unnoticeable audio cut about halfway through the movie (apologies for not thinking to write down the exact time). It was so slight that I genuinely believe this might have been apart of the source audio and not due to the edit and thus I cannot redact any points. Continuing on to our review, INIGHTMARES delivers a tense, sometimes chill inducing version of Godzilla: King of Monsters that has broken free of the chains of “Well THAT just happened” writing. It never takes away too much from the original, just enough to make a diamond in the rough shine true. If you are searching for a fantastic monster movie night, this is the edit for you.

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