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Go Speed Racer Go!:


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Good removal of the spritle scenes for the most part. The scene where Royalton explains the corruption is where I was slightly disappointed. They removed the scene with Ben Burns where he outright tells Speed everything Royalton said was true. It makes the following scene where Speed takes the Ben Burns poster off his wall confusing and makes it feel like a weird, undirected rage. It also could be slightly better pacing if the Royalton scene with Tokocon starts after the scene where Trixie and Speed are about to kiss instead of showing Royalton talking about Tokocon and then Speed talking with Trixie. Another point that I don't think needed removal is the first fight scene in the Casa cristo race, why remove the scene where the bees fall on the drivers head? It isn't a moment that really takes away from the film. All the action/racing scenes are fine in the original, its really just the spritle moments that drag it down. Everything else about this was great, and the issues I had with it could easily be changed in a personal edit. So this is easily a 9-9.5 out of 10, thanks for all the work you put into this!

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