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Game of Thrones: Redeemed:


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This is an amazing edit... The last season of Game of Thrones was so bad it ruined the entire series for me. What this edit shows is that most of that damage was actually done in the last 3 episodes and by essentially removing them and bringing a shortened battle of Kingslanding earlier in the story the narrative is greatly improved. The battle against the White Walkers now becomes the climax of the show as it always should have been. That being said I think this edit still falls short of creating a great finish for the show, which is no reflection on what has been created, simply the fact that a fan edit can only do so much with the material that exists. However, what the edit does achieve is a satisfactory finish that, as the title says, redeems game of thrones so it can be enjoyed again. A great many problems are fixed with this edit and the extra voice work is surprisingly effective at giving Bran a purpose and creating a more satisfying end to the Night King. Its hard to see what more could be achieved without re-shooting his end (or indeed the entire battle). I must commend the editor on all the hard work that has clearly gone into achieving this excellent retelling and would recommend this edit as a 'must watch' for anybody who enjoyed the show.

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