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Friday the 13th part IX Jason Goes to Hell and Friday the 13th part X Jason's Destroyer


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This has become a very short fan edits, so considers this two short films, and not full movies.

Spoilers: Jason is back to Crystal Lake, and now he's killing everyone that cross his path. In one night in 1999 Jason slaughters a new group of campers, but then Tommy Jarvis apears and fights Jason, but everything was a trap planned by Tommy and the FBI, so they explodes Jason, ending him once for all... or not, because Freddy Krueger drags Jason's mask, leding us for the next chapter: Friday the 13th part X Jason's Destroyer.

Spoiler: Jason has been brought back by his mother Pamela spirit, and now he will kill anyone that crosses his way. But in year of 2012 Tommy Jarvis Son, Josh Jarvis, go to the now renamed camp No-Be-Bosco, and he puts Jason to sleep, but not before die in the hands of Jason. Freddy Krueger go inside Jason's dreams, and terrorizes Jason, until Jason awakes, and him and Freddy fight. Jason wins the battle, and Freddy returns to springwood.

There are some details that are not in the fan edits or on my future fan edits, but I will talk about them here too:
Camp Crystal Lake has been renamed to No-Be-Bosco after the massacres in the last decades after part VII.
Jason has come back to life because after Jason's drowning in 1957, Jason's father ressurected him with black magic and the necronomcion without Pamela's Knowlodge.
Jason has parents, like Megan, because her mother was Jason sister, making her part of Jason family.

PM me for the fan edits if you want take a look at them


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