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Friday The 13th Part III: Nostromo Edit


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I love this series, parts 2-4 in particular, and while I enjoy the wacky aspects of part III, I always wondered what a non-3D version would look like. I love the 3D version, but the3D elements were meant to be a fun ride for a theatrical audience, but they just seem strange and out of place for a 2D viewing. This version tries to de-emphasize all the aspects of the 3D experience, and make the film feel aesthetically more like parts 2 and 4.

( side note, its always been funny to me that because part II happens on Friday the 13th, that means the bulk of part III happen on Friday the 14th, with the final minutes taking place on Friday the 15th. That in turn implies part IV happens on the 15th and 16th. )

I didn't want to change the movie so much that it lost its original flavor. its 98% faithful to the original edit.
Editing changes are around the 3D gags that linger too long, and some scenes/ plot points that I feel hurt the movie.
3D photgraphy required lots of light, and this version has been color graded to be less bright.

-New title screen logo, new opening credits, (in the style of other Friday films) disco music replaced, musical transition occurs as the credits fade to the opening scene.
-End Credits are in red, because why not.

Narrative and scene edits:
-Harold in the general store is slightly shortened to tighten the edit.
-Harold's pooping sounds are removed.
-References to Debbie being pregnant are removed.
-Scene with crazy eyeball guy is removed.

3D gag edits
shortened: laundry pole, baseball bat, yo-yo, machete, popcorn, spear gun, eyeball

Soundtrack/Score edits:
The original film was only given a mono audio mix, But I have synced the Stereo mix of the Henry Manfredini CD score to its original placement in the film

Audio track option
1 .New mix with stereo score
2. Isolated Score
3. Original mono mix
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