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Forbidden Marvels' Jessica Jones: A.K.A. Purple

Forbidden Marvels

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At long last, the second edit in the Forbidden Marvels project is complete! Forbidden Marvels' Jessica Jones: A.K.A. Purple seeks to compact 11 hours of T.V. into a theatrical experience like never before. Re-experience Jessica Jones in widescreen, a truly chilling thriller experience, all in the time of a feature-length film.


  • Runtime: 150 minutes
  • AAC Audio Tracks: English, German, Editor's Commentary
  • Subtitles: English
  • File Size 22.63gb (Full 1080p version)
  • Disc and Box Art Available

  • Footage cropped to 1920x800 for theatrical widescreen feel.
  • Marvel Studios intro added, sourced from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Opening montage shows a slice of Jessica's life using Joan Jett's Bad Reputation (Song licensed for use in Jessica Jones: The Complete First Season Promo)
  • 4 total shots throughout the edit have added Stark Tower.
  • Every scene featured has had dialouge trimmed to either save time, add thematic subtelty, or to remove references to removed scenes.
  • Narration from multiple removed scenes added back into featured scenes.
  • Removed any suggestion that Luke doesn't want his past looked into. No longer a necessary plot-point.
  • Jessica rummaging through Luke's medicine cabinet now happens after their first sex scene.
  • Jessica's flashback to Reva now shows her punching Reva and removes strange transition.
  • Removed all references to Hope's roomate.
  • Removed all references to a favor owed to Hogarth.
  • Removed all references to Andre's wife sleeping with Luke.
  • Jessica simply arrives on a bar fight, revealing Luke's powers.
  • Removed sufentanil as a plot point. Jessica simply pretends Trish is dead.
  • Removed all mind-controlled people in the house after Jessica saves Simpson.
  • Montage featuring Of Monster and Men's Thousand Eyes (Song licensed for Jessica Jones: The Complete First Season Trailer) to move plot forward through filler episodes.
  • Graphic scene transition reused from promo.
  • Kilgrave's face reveal moved to the scene he meets Ruben to build him up as a looming threat.
  • Removed Jessica diving to rip Ruben's head off.
  • Removed any reference to Jessica trying to get into Supermax.
  • All footage of other children experimented on alongside Kilgrave removed.
  • References to the D.A. wanting to finish Hope's trial removed.
  • Jessica now convinces Detective Clemons to witness Kilgrave.
  • Removed all references to the shock-button.
  • Removed all references to Hogarth desiring Kilgrave's abilities.
  • Jessica no longer shows up to Hogarth's house after Wendy's death.
  • Jessica no longer arrives at the prison for Hope's release. She meets Kilgrave at Niku.
  • Restructured scenes between fight with Simpson and Jessica getting a text from Kilgrave for pacing reasons.
  • Jessica no longer arrives to Luke's bar exploding. She meets Kilgrave at his "testing arena."
  • Luke now learns Jessica killed Reva while under Kilgrave's control.
  • Opening credit sequence used as Mid-Credit sequence.
  • "AKA Purple" added to ending title sequence.
  • Episode 11 opening flashback used as post-credit scene.
  • Marvel's Jessica Jones: The Complete First Season
  • Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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An impressive project, and definitely a novel experience to watch the core plot as if it were a feature film.
However, there are some serious issues with the edit, that become increasingly apparent as the season progresses. Some of the issues can be solved fairly easily with more careful transitions, but others are more difficult (and perhaps unsolvable due to the source material.
Partial list of issues I noticed:
~45 minutes, the Thousand Eyes montage - the music gets very loud and becomes too dominant. Volume should be lowered.
~54:25 It is unclear how much time has passed, but suddenly Jessica's neighbor seems to be clean and she seems wasted. Really disorienting.
1:24:10 How did Trish get Simpson? And how is it daylight? How much time has passed?
1:25:41 Jarring transition. Also - How did Trish get Koslov?
1:30:15 Unexpected transition. Feels out of place.
1:35:23 Two jarring transitions, especially due to an auditory mismatch, but also it feels as if we skipped too much.
1:39:55 Problematic transition.
1:56:35 Feels that we suddenly skipped a lot. How did Trish get locked up? What did we skip?
2:03:35 Unexpected transition - The scene between Kilgrave and his dad seems out of place within the sequence. I suggest to move it to after the scene in which Simpson is collected, or possibly immediately before it.
Post credits scene - It felt misplaced to me. Maybe tease the defenders instead? Or season 2 of JJ?
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