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Forbidden Marvels' Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (Completed)

What are the revised plot details?

Also, is the fight in the garage/parking area in which Daredevil uses the darkness to his advantage included? I haven't watched your first edition all the way through, but I skipped through it to preview it and didn't see that scene.
The previous cuts tried jamming too many things in it. I've removed anything that I felt was what I've heard called a "Fanedit moment". This version should flow better and make you forget you're watching a Fanedit.

The scene you're referring to is not featured, it's a great scene, but it involves Claire and thus strays from the main plotline
  • Most notably, this cut no longer features Claire as a named character and she only makes a single onscreen appearance.
  • Foggy's introduction scene has been added
  • Fisk's morning routine has been removed
  • Midway into the fight with Rance, there's a flashback. Vanilla Season 1 uses the "Get to work, Matty" scene. My previous cut swapped this for a training scene with Stick. This felt oddly placed to me, so I moved that scene to the Beautiful Crime montage and replaced it with the "It doesn't matter how you hit the mat" scene.
  • Timing fixed for scene transition from Marlene Vistain's scene and Matt waking up covered in wounds.
  • All mentions of Claire patching up Matt have been removed.
  • Melvin Potter's inclusion now flows better including his fight scene
  • Leland Owsley's death scene is a little longer to have a natural opening.
  • Re-timed The Good Samaritan scene's ending,
  • Retimed score for the suit reveal in order to feel seamless as opposed to the V4 release.
  • Audio was tediously reapplied so now it's available with 5.1f audio allowing multiple changes, including better isolated audio for montages, all transitions flow better than previously, and now the German dub is available since it's just a matter of swapping files and re-exporting.
  • Mid-Credits are improved on, actors whose names would have been cropped have been replaced, Netflix and Marvel Televsion subtitles replaced with Fanedit.org info
Question about the new revision, does this remove the added Daredevil logo in the beginning? Feels weird when it's there as well as the title credits. Bit much.
Great idea this edit!
I have seen my bluray copy of the show many times (I looove Daredevil) and this new version looks very good, I'll see if I can get the edit. :)
Great idea this edit!
I have seen my bluray copy of the show many times (I looove Daredevil) and this new version looks very good, I'll see if I can get the edit. :)
great name btw. please help me get that as well, i am absolutely fiending.

excellent job forbidden cant wait to see them all
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