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Flammable and Summer of the White Shark A Spielberg DF


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Monday i start to work on this cut:

A Steven Spielberg Double Feature.

Flammable and Summer of the White Shark   (Duel and Jaws)

I already announced that in Future Projects to do a DF of the first two movies of Spielberg
Flammable is recut, a very short recut of my Battle cut
The reason for this i already explained in Future Projects

Well, back to my first cut i did on this site i had 3 versions.

The first one was a 60 minutes cut, you see the opening when David Mann drives out of the garage and there was also the phone conversation with his wife and the "Snake" lady
But when i saw it finished it was for me too long
So back to editing i cut the snake lady and the phone conversation and that was with some small cuts a version of 46 - 47 minutes
So that was the release cut of Battle

I was satisfied with this final cut but not for long....
I made after that a version of 35 minutes in which i cut the gas station
In this cut we have only the Battle between the truck driver and Mann
But there was still things very annoying to me but at that time i didn't have the tools to get it out
Back in time i made this with Wondershare Video Editor, a nice program but technically you can't do shit with it
It's only editing nothing more.

But when i got my hands on the Adobe Premiere pro stuff finally i can do this in the way it was meant to be

This Flammable cut is already done

This version is 31 minutes and i think it's perfect to do this in a DF with Jaws


- Opening scene is cut, Mann is already on the road
- The radio sound is gone (one of the things that was bugging me)
- There are some very small cuts in the first scene when he drives to the Truck and in the first chase
- Gas station is cut, so also the phone conversation
- The Dialogue is almost gone, there are a few short lines of Mann and the two old guys when he crashes in front of the restaurant
- The Restaurant scene is cut, Mann stays in his car after the crash
  That was the second thing that was annoying to me, why in the hell i let him get out of the car?
  In the Battle cut he gets out of the car to pick up his sunglasses but i think it is better to let him sit in the car
- Bus driver and children are cut , that was a scene i didn't like at all in the original
- The Snake lady and the Phone booth scene is cut  
- Asking for help to the old man and lady is cut, also in that scene there are some small cuts, like Mann is NOT walking to the Truck

In the next scene we get to the final chase, i did some very small cuts in this.
Like i already said in Projects, when Mann is filmed on the left side of his car you see constantly Spielberg in the rearview mirror 
He is sitting on the backseat, well i didn't noticed it at all in the first cuts but that is now gone
If it happens ones or twice ok, it could happen, but this is constantly, so i corrected it
By the way, you see him also in the phone booth (reflection) filming Weaver at that scene

This cut is also in a 2.35.1 ratio, to give it the same ratio as Jaws

Music is from Mark Isham (The Hitcher)  i think PERFECT for this cut and the chase scenes are done with music of Brad Fiedel  (Terminator)

So Monday i begin to work on the Jaws cut

The idea's and cuts are coming up


This is using the new style of covers. I wanted a white design to save on ink and I redid the spine layout to include the titles in a more prominent manner. The back image is just there because I like it and wanted something there to take up a lot of the dead space
Nice cover, i like the Pig's head.
I think you can use that also in a cover of my upcoming Texas Chainsaw cut
The "Jaws" (rough) cut in this DF is around the 85 minutes
Some idea's i had for this edit like to do some action scenes of Jaws 2 didn't work
I thought to "insert" like for example the boat accident with the two woman what you see in Jaws 2 as it was the same shark didn't work in the progress
I must work on some music and credits but this cut is for now a fast action cut and that was the idea in the first place
Chief Brody his family is way on the background in this cut but i come up with a list of cuts in the next update
Is there any reason it's Summer of the White Shark instead of summer of the Great White Shark? Just curious.
Would he be able to colour the shark?
For example, red?
Summer Of The Crimson Shark!
Summer of the white shark says enough i think
There is no reason, i just made that up, but of course it is a "Great White"
Maybe i put "Summer of the great white shark" in the opening credits
It's not a problem, I was just curious. Summer of the White Shark sounds more mysterious anyway. I do really enjoy all the alternate titles you come up with for your edits of some of the more popular films. Cool stuff.
This edit is done.
Like i said some idea's didn't work in the process but i have now a nice cut of Summer around 84 minutes
No extra music, i think the music is good as it is
Only by the credits at the beginning a use a Carpenter track

Together with the alternative cut of Battle (Flammable) i think a succeeded double feature

Cuts of Summer of the White Shark:

- Credits are cut (new credits)
- Attack on the first victim is a little bit trimmed
- I cut most of the scenes of the family of Brody, he has a family but that's it
- In most of the scenes unnecessary dialogue is cut
- Attack of the two fishermen is cut, (you don't see the shark so in the trashcan with it)
- Quint is a little (very little) nicer to Hooper in this edit, so no working class hero bullshit
- There are some scenes cut of Brody and Hooper (trimmed or cut like the visit of Hooper at Brody's house)
- Ellen Brody is way on the background in this cut
- On the boat of Quint the action scenes are now more "together" if you know what i mean
- The story of Quint about the sharks in the early days is cut, the following song is still in this edit
- Building the shark cage is cut 

Well That's it, a Spielberg Double feature and the release is over two weeks
Edit complete. Thread moved.
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