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Finest Hour: A Supercut of Dunkirk and Darkest Hour:


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I have never seen Darkest Hour, and I saw Dunkirk once in theaters and very much enjoyed it. Narratively I felt that these films were interwoven seamlessly, despite their vast differences, with no audible or visual discrepancies. If I had not seen Dunkirk, I very well may have thought this was a "real" film, and not a hybrid of two different ones. I watched the digital, colored 1080p version. My lack of knowledge of the Darkest Hour source material may inhibit some of my ability to critique here, but overall I found myself enjoying the Dunkirk pieces of this edit far more than the Darkest Hour parts, and I felt myself just waiting for Nolan's boys to come back on-screen. The beginning and ending of this edit were fantastic, but I felt that the characters could have been fleshed out slightly more. Considering the length of the source materials, and while honestly I don't remember a whole lot of what was left out of Dunkirk, I feel that it could stand to be just a little bit longer, maybe even just one scene to flesh out the main characters in each movie. 15 minutes tops. I didn't share the characters' feeling of absolute DREAD as much as I did when I saw it in theatres. Nor did I feel as much weight from Churchill's dilemma as I imagine I'd have felt watching the original movie. Despite how well I felt these movies blended together, I can't shake the feeling that something was lost from each of them in the meantime. That being said, overall I think you did an excellent job here Dustin. And I hope you find time to bless us with another edit soon! :)

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