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Dune (2021) Denis Villeneuve's Film


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I grew tired of the film's exposition dialogue repeatedly following a three stage formula: 1. the book version, 2. the movie version, 3. the dumb version e.g. "It's a Crysknife. The tooth of Shai-Hulud. A big sandworm", or "It's a Gom Jabbar. A poisoned needle. It instantly causes death" etc.
Yes very much this! Not to mention the beating the book expository dead horse, by saying “Desert Power” five times. If they didn’t act like it was the most ingenious revelation every time they uttered it, Desert Power— let me say it again for emphasis—might have worked better. I plan to work on an edit of this which makes the ending of Pt 1 truer to that segment of the book. And guess what... Paul won’t be saying DESERT POWER. 👏😆


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I am planning to test a Neon Dune edit, with a new color grade and music from the original Blade Runner and other Vangelis works, I think it suits the movie well.

As much as I loved the soundtrack, the movie would benefit with a melodic theme, it would be a lot more memorable. A tune that when people heard it they would immediately associate with Dune.
I would absolutely love to see the 2021 film with a new score, and I think Vangelis is a good direction to head in.

There was so much to like in the new movie, particularly a lot of the design work, the casting, and some of the space shots. But there was something missing, the feeling of mysticism. It felt too industrial, and the score (to me) was the biggest factor pulling it down. Blaring, screaming Zimmer that falls too often into Dark Knight Joker-theme 'listening to an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner' territory.
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