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Demons Awakened A MikeDrew87 FanEdit


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Had a request to do an edit of these two films and to create a single full feature. This edit I did was to create the Demons unearthing not only at the movie theater from the first Demons but also show it happening in an apartment complex, from the second film, at the same time. So now Demons 2 isn't a sequel anymore, it is happening at the same time of the first Demons movie.

The cut list isn't much...

Cut some of the beginning of both films,
Cut out black guy from second film as he is playing the pimp guy in the first one.
Cut out any characters outside of the movie theater and apartment.
So people driving around in there cars are no longer in the film
Some actors appeared in both movies so I removed them from certain scenes
New ending credits

Thanks and enjoy!
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