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Deepfaker Shamook has been hired by ILM/Lucasfilm


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The renowned deepfaker Shamook has been hired as a Senior Facial Capture Artist by ILM and Lucasfilm. After this news was recently revealed on Reddit, he released the following statement:

As some of you may already know, I joined ILM/Lucasfilms a few months ago and haven't had the time to work on any new YouTube content. Now I've settled into my job, uploads should start increasing again. They'll still be slow, but hopefully not months apart.

Considering the timing of his hiring, it seems likely that the deepfake below is what landed him on Lucasfilm's radar:

There is speculation that Lucasfilm may have hired him to work on a possible Luke Skywalker Disney+ series.



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Knowing that Shamook popped up over on OT, this is the first thing that popped into my head,
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