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December 2020 FEOTM Run-off

What was your favourite edit of the month in December 2020?

  • The World is Not Enough: Millennium Edition by lapis molari

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Part 2 - The Consequences Edit by WakeUpKeo

    Votes: 5 55.6%

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The Scribbling Man

Staff Member
Looks like we've got ourselves another run-off! This time between @"Wakeupkeo" and @"lapis molari".


Voting will last 7 days.


The World is Not Enough: Millennium Edition by lapis molari
James Bond's 1999 adventure, The World Is Not Enough, is a mixed bag. Interesting ideas and a largely coherent plot, buried under an overdose of 1990's action flick, Roger Moor-ish one-liners, and too much effort to misdirect the audience as to who the main villain is. Brosnan plays Bond much closer to Daniel Craig's roughness than to Roger Moore's suaveness. But he's given so many cheesy Moore lines that this Bond feels tediously immature. This can be improved!


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Part 2 - The Consequences Edit by WakeUpKeo
Over the years and especially since the pandemic, these movies have been polished and honed repeatedly. They have been compared with the original films again as well as the TM2YC, and Mr. Blue edits as well, for any remaining opportunities. Over the past three years and countless viewings, every viewing revealing more opportunities for making the edit just a little better, I now have two edits I can watch completely though without feeling the need to adjust anything.

This poll closes on February 8th. 

Please note:
  • Voting is limited to active members who have been registered for more than a month and have a minimum of 5 posts.
  • Faneditors are not allowed to vote for their own edit.
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lapis molari

Fanediting requires Sitzfleisch.
Wow, I hadn't expected my 007 edit to garner votes. Let alone make it to the run-off!

For me this edit wasn't about making a good movie great, which was never gonna happen because of the confines of the source material, but simply about making a frustrating one less frustrating.

Good luck in the run-off, Messrs Batman and Bond. May the best law enforcer win. :)


Well-known member
lapis molari said:
Wow, I hadn't expected my 007 edit to garner votes. Let alone make it to the run-off!

Agreed, this is pleasantly unexpected for me as well! Good luck!

And thank you to those who voted! I am honored!
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