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Deadpool - "All Super, No Hero" Edition

Bobson Dugnutt

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An extended edition of Deadpool (2016) to add back in as much deleted stuff as possible. This is a little different to maven48's A-to-B-to-X(tended) Cut, as I've added back a few more scenes, as well as not restructuring the film to be chronological.

- added Wade's Cancer World Tour ending in Mexico, which now replaces him quietly leaving Vanessa in the night
- added a few new jokes here and there during the freeway scene with DP and Colossus
- added extended fight in the Workshop between DP and Francis
- added Wade leaving Vanessa when he first sees her post-mutation
- added alternate take of Wade taking off his proto-DP mask
- extended montage, showing the 5 years of DP trying to find Francis
- added Francis being released from prison, after the 5yr Montage
- added alternate version of Wade in the strip club bathroom
- added alternate reunion beat between Wade and Vanessa
- added alternate post-credits scene, meshed together with the theatrical one

I've had to clean up some unfinished VFX here and there and hopefully its mostly invisible.

(more details to come)

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Is this going to be the "every joke included" version I've always wanted!?! God I hope so!

So excited for this! Do DP2 too please!!
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