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Cubism | 2021 remix of Celebration Generation/WestBam & PIXELS (2160p 60FPS, upscaled with AI tools)


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I humbly present, the world's most repetitive electronic music mix.

Cubism 2021 is a remix of Celebration Generation/WestBam (1994) and PIXELS (2010) short film directed by Patrick Jean.

(02:30) is easily my favorite moment in this video mix, a brief Minecraft-ish moment with a pixelated tree. It's a premise that has no right to feel as zen as it does, especially with repetitive electronic music blasting out at happiest hardcore levels - but a full-on rave track somehow makes everything feel slower. Trippy. In the original film, the same tree scene (5:43) is accompanied by a soundscape I can best describe as "synthetic pixelated machine-elf song". It's truly awesome.

Hats off to everyone who worked on making PIXELS a reality (specifically the pre-Sandler timeline).

Celebration Generation by WestBam (1994)
PIXELS directed by Patrick Jean (2010)
Edit/SFX by Kim Rom
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