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Creating my own soundtrack from a Blu-ray rip


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Hi there! I am a new user to this forum and after looking on the internet for hours, I hope I am in the right place and that what I am asking does indeed qualify as a fan edit.

I am a huge fan of an old musical, but the soundtrack released in the 60s is badly mixed, the quality is not the best, and a lot of it is missing.

I wanted to rip the audio from the movie and edit my own soundtrack since the movie has been remastered and restored in 4k from original negatives. The Blu-ray comes in Dolby 5.1 audio, so I managed to rip the movie file to my computer, and encoded the MKV file into a smaller M4V file that keeps the audio in 5.1 form. I opened the file in Premiere Pro to be able to listen to the separate audio channels in the hopes of editing them, but I am quite new to editing and that software just seems to be way too complicated for what I want to do
I guess my question is, is there a software I can use, firstly to rip the audio and keep it in separate channels, and then to edit the separate channels into what I want? Since it's an old movie, the channels aren't quite isolated the way I hoped they'd be so there are a couple of sounds here and there that I would like to get rid of too if it's possible
If anyone has any idea or tips that could point me in the right direction that would be great, and apologies if this isn't in the correct section


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SonofSinbad said:
A bit of topic, but welcome!

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