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Converting the .MPG into a VIDEO_TS folder for burning


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I'm sorry about asking so many questions. I'm an editor. I'm not an mpeg expert. :cry: But once I get the hang of this... :smile:

I'm on my final step. I've looked up some tools for converting mpeg into vob but all of them want to encode the mpeg file again. Is there a program that will simply split the mpeg2 into a vob?

I think I read somewhere that Diko can create a VIDEO_TS folder and use CCE to do the encoding so you only have to encode once. But I might have read wrong.


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usually there is no encoding to vob happening, it is just a restructuring.
You can try MUXMAN to get a basic DVD authored.
Then you can use PGCDEMUX to get it back to m2v and ac3, just to check if there is any diference, but there shouldn't be.
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